Please carefully read these General Terms and Conditions which apply to all bookings at all holiday homes. They are not ‘just the usual blurb’. By making a booking and/or a payment for a booking you are confirming your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Please be aware that some holiday home owners now require that all guests or visitors who are eligible for vaccination are fully vaccinated or hold a valid government issued exemption prior to entering their property.  If your booking is at one of these homes it will be noted on the property's webpage and your booking confirmation will include a special condition asking that you confirm all guests and visitors who are eligible do hold a valid vaccine pass or exemption. Vaccine Passes may be checked by the home owner or the manager on arrival day.  Your booking confirmation will be displayed after you have read and accepted these General Terms & Conditions


'The Guest' is the person named in the booking confirmation who must be 25 years of age or older (or WHH Ltd has accepted in writing that The Guest is under 25 years of age). The Guests refers to The Guest and all other people staying at and/or using the property.  If requested to do so, The Guest will provide to WHH a scan or photograph of their New Zealand Driver's Licence, or Government issued Identity or their passport, to confirm his/her identity.
‘WHH Ltd’ (Waiheke Holiday Homes Ltd) is the booking agent.
The ‘Property Owner’ is the legal owner of the property. The ‘Property Manager’ is the Property Owner’s representative who takes care of the property.

The Guest accepts full responsibility for the property and its contents, will reside at the property for the duration of the booked dates and will not sublet or leave the property in the care of any other person without specific written permission of WHH Ltd.  The Guest has carefully read all details relating to the property at and accepts responsibility for checking whether, to the best of the knowledge of the staff of WHH Ltd, the property is suitable and/or safe for infants, children, elderly, less abled or disabled people etc.

The number of people using the property at any time (including children over 12 months of age) will not exceed the maximum stated on The Guest’s Booking Confirmation and the number of adults, children and age ranges of all people staying overnight at the property will be as detailed on that booking confirmation. The property is let to The Guest on the understanding that its use is for holiday accommodation only, for the period specified in the booking confirmation and that no right to remain in the property exists for The Guests or any other person beyond the specified booked dates and times. Any other activities, including but not limited to the likes of commercial filming, advertising, photography, weddings, meetings or functions, are not permitted without the express written permission of WHH Ltd. No caravans, campervans, tents or other accommodation may be placed at or used at the property. 

The property may not be used for any party, function or gathering of any kind, including pre/post wedding gatherings or BBQs, without advance written permission of WHH Ltd. The Guests agree to respect the rights of neighbours, particularly in regard to noise. Loud music is not permitted at any time and local council noise regulations apply.

If smoking is allowed at a property, smoking is never permitted in or near any building. The Guest will be responsible for any additional cleaning charges to remove smoking odours from a property and/or butts from grounds.

Animals are not permitted on any part of the property, including the grounds, unless permission is specifically given as a special condition in The Guest’s Booking Confirmation. If a pet is permitted, The Guest agrees to provide own pet feeding and water bowls, bed, bedding and towels for the pet.  The Guest also agrees to ensure that the animal is thoroughly towelled off before being permitted into the home. The Guest is responsible for removing all animal waste from the entire property, including all pet hair or fur from within the house and decks. Pets must not be left unsupervised at any time. The Guest takes full responsibility for all damage or additional cleaning & administration costs caused by or associated with the pet being at the property.

The Guest will be responsible for the safety of all people using or visiting property during the booked dates and will ensure that all gates, pool gates and/or pool covers are in place and locked at all times when unattended or unused and when vacating. The Guest will ensure that the property is totally secured at all times when unoccupied and when vacating, including locking all windows, doors, gates, arming any burglar alarm and ensuring that appliances including but not limited to heating, gas bottles, stoves and ovens have been turned off and fires have been carefully extinguished.

The guest will ensure all keys and remote controllers are returned as instructed at the property or in the booking confirmation. If keys or remote controllers are lost or stolen, or the keysafe is tampered with in any way, or the keys are left at any other place, The Guest will be responsible for all costs associated with retrieving keys from another place and/or replacing keys and/or replacing remote controllers and/or changing locks and/or replacing the keysafe. A call out due to lost keys or lockout will attract a non-negotiable minimum fee of $100 plus gst, payable directly to the on-call person at the time of call-out. The Guests will not have additional keys made or change or install any locks on any doors or windows.

If changes are made to appliance settings during the booked dates, or if appliance settings are found to have been changed after The Guests have vacated, The Guest will be responsible for costs incurred to re-adjust settings of any appliance, TV, DVD, Video, Sky TV, or sound system.

The property is available to the Guest for the period of the booked dates & times only, with a maximum stay of 27 nights, and as temporary, transient short term holiday accommodation. The Guest will leave the property in a clean and tidy state and will return all furniture that has been moved to the place where it was found on arrival. The Guest will be liable to pay any costs incurred by the Property Owner for rubbish removal and/or any cleaning required which is additional to any standard cleaning provided. The Guests must fully and completely have vacated the property by the time stated on the booking confirmation to avoid incurring late checkout charges, unless a later checkout time has been agreed to in writing by WHH Ltd or the Property Owner or Manger.

Exit cleaning (if included in your booking) includes basic surface cleaning of the home such as vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, wiping down of kitchen benchtops, sinks and stovetops. Any excessive cleaning required in addition to the standard cleaning provided will be at the expense of the guest. If linen is not included in your booking you must bring all linen, including top AND bottom sheets for all beds, pillow slips, towels, hand towels, bath mats, tea towels. If beds are used without top AND bottom sheets and pillow cases, all costs for extra laundering of foundation bed linens, eg mattress & pillow protectors, will be at the expense of the Guest.

A deposit as security against costs incurred by the property owner or WHH Ltd for damage, breakages or any additional costs as mentioned in these conditions is required. The liability of The Guest is not limited to this amount. The security deposit payment will be due 5 working days prior to arrival date and will be refunded by 5 working days after vacating date where no damage, breakages or additional costs have been incurred. If any such costs are incurred The Guest will be notified of full details of costs & any balance of security deposit will be refunded as soon as possible afterwards.

The Guest is responsible for the safe-keeping of the Property Owner’s property and contents; and for all property of The Guest and other people using the property for the duration of the booked dates. Neither WHH Ltd or the Property Owner or manager is responsible for any stolen or lost items. The Property Owner will be entitled to recover from The Guest the cost of any repair or replacement needed due to the act or default of The Guests or any other person using the property. The Guest agrees pay to the Property Owner all costs incurred for loss, breakage or damage to the property or the property contents during the booked dates and/or loss or damage caused by any unauthorized person and/or any other condition if the property is left unsecured during the booked dates or at the time of vacating. (Please see details regarding Personal Liability Insurance below)

Should all of these conditions not be adhered to, the Property Owners or their agents will have the right to immediately terminate this contract and The Guests and all other persons will vacate the property immediately if requested to do so by the Property Owners or the Property Owner’s agent or Property Manager.   In this event, no refund will be due or paid for any unused accommodation.

The Property Owner and/or Property Manager will make every effort to ensure that all appliances and facilities mentioned on the WHH Ltd Website are available at the property and are in good working. Should any appliance or facility not be available as shown, or breakdown, or The Guest has any other issue of any kind at the property, The Guest will immediately notify the Property Owner or Property Manager who's contact details are provided by SMS along with access instructions on arrival day. Problems of any kind must be reported immediately to allow the opportunity for a resolution as quickly as possible. The Property Owner and/or Property Manager will make every effort to arrange a prompt repair or replacement. Neither WHH Ltd nor The Property Owner and/or Property Manager will be liable in any way should repair or replacement not be achievable during the booking period.

WHH Ltd acts as The Property Owner’s booking agent at all times and not as a principal in the renting of the property. Any dispute regarding the availability or standard of the property or chattels or regarding any damage or loss will be solely between The Guest and The Property Owner or Property Manager and WHH Ltd will not be involved or liable in any way. The Guest agrees that WHH Ltd may provide The Guest’s personal contact details to the Property Owner and/or Property Manager if requested to do so. Contact after arrival will be with the Property Owner and/or Property Manager (Contact details will be provided to The Guest prior to arrival). Should the property become unavailable, or uninhabitable before arrival or during the booked dates for reasons confirmed by WHH Ltd, then WHH Ltd will endeavor to find a satisfactory alternative (in the opinion of The Guest). Should a satisfactory alternative property not be available then the balance of monies paid by The Guest to WHH Ltd, less pro-rata costs for any dates already used by The Guest, will be refunded. The liability of The Property Owner and/or Property Manger and WHH Ltd is limited to the refunding of monies paid by The Guest to WHH Ltd. Property Owners may sell, or make a property unavailable for holiday rental at any time without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. This very rare and unusual occurrence is outside of the control of WHH Ltd. WHH Ltd or the Property Owner or Property Manager will not be liable in any way should the property become unavailable for any reason. WHH Ltd reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time and in this event all monies paid to WHH Ltd will be refunded in full.

Some Property Owners may require The Guest to agree to additional Terms and Conditions which, if applicable, will be provided at time of booking.

We will communicate at various times with you via email, SMS text to your mobile phone and sometimes by telephone.  From time to time we may email details of special offers and you will be able to opt out easily should you wish to. The property owner/property manager will be advised of the mobile phone number you provided when booking to enable assistance to be provided to you during your stay.

The Guests will not do anything that could adversely affect the Property Owner and/or Property Manager's insurances of the holiday property. The personal effects of The Guests will not be covered by the Property Owner’s and/or Property Manager’s and/or WHH Ltd’s insurances. The Guest acknowledges that all personal items and vehicles (including vehicle contents) of The Guests or any other person remain responsibility of The Guests at all times, and the Property Owner and/or Property Manager and/or WHH Ltd accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage. In the event that The Guests use any facilities at the holiday property including, but not limited to, kayaks, dinghies, bicycles, trampolines, spas and swimming pools, fireplaces, pizza ovens, such use is entirely at The Guests’ own risk at all times and the Property Owner and/or Property Manager or WHH Ltd accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss to The Guests or any other person. Children must be carefully supervised at all times by a responsible adult over the age of 18 years. 


Payment due dates are included in The Guest’s Booking Confirmation.  Please be aware that your booking may need to be cancelled at 5pm local time on payment due dates if your payment has not been received.

If booking more than 6 weeks before arrival date  -  A deposit of 50% of the total is due usually within 48 hours or less of making your booking to confirm your booking. Other arrangements may be possible in certain circumstances. The balance is due 6 weeks prior to booked arrival date.
If arriving within the next 6 weeks  -  Full payment is required immediately to confirm your booking.

For your protection, all payments are held securely in the Waiheke Holiday Homes Rental Trust account until after the commencement date of the booking at which time payment will be made to the Property Owner..


Special Covid Policy

This policy will take effect if the New Zealand Government restricts travel within New Zealand for any reason and The Guests, who must be resident in New Zealand, are not permitted to travel to Waiheke for the booked dates. We apologise that, in the event that the New Zealand Government restricts travel due to individual or personal circumstances (e.g. vaccination, isolation or test results) this Special Covid Policy cannot apply and the Standard Cancellation Policy will apply.  

We apologise that we cannot offer this Special Covid Policy to people travelling to New Zealand from other countries, in which case the Standard Cancellation Policy will apply. This is due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 situation in other countries.

If the New Zealand Government introduces public travel restrictions within New Zealand which stop The Guest from travelling to Waiheke from within New Zealand at the time of the booked dates, excluding where the restriction is of an indivdual or personal nature, The Guest who is resident in New Zealand may choose to:-
a) Transfer the booking to future dates at the same holiday property (at the nightly rates advertised for the future dates). No additional fees will be charged. Booking credit must be used for 1 booking. If NZ Govt domestic travel restrictions affect the guests ability to travel for future dates booked, future changes will also be made at no additional fee. 
b) Cancel the booking and obtain a refund less 15% administration fee and excluding any service fee.

IMPORTANT  -   Please note that this special covid policy does not apply to any person not being able to travel to Waiheke for the booked dates from any other country, or due to the New Zealand borders being closed, or if they or any of their accompanying guests are outside of New Zealand and are not able to return in time for the booked dates, for any reason, or if the restriction is of a personal or individual nature.  In such a case, the Standard Cancellation Policy will apply.

Standard Cancellation Policy

(see Special Cancellation Policy above if NZ Govt introduces domestic travel restrictions)
a) WHH Ltd reserves the right to cancel a booking should payments not be received by 5pm local time on the due dates shown on the Booking Confirmation.
b) Up to 90 days before arrival date, if a booking is cancelled, payments will be refunded less 20% administration fee and less any service fee.  The Booking may instead be transferred to new dates (at the nightly rates advertised for the new dates) and an amendment fee of $60 plus gst will be charged.
Within 90 days of arrival date, unless the property is re-let for the original dates booked, accommodation payments are non-refundable and are non-transferrable to other dates. For booked dates for which the property is re-let, a cancellation fee of 20% of the full amount paid is deducted and the balance of monies paid will be refunded to The Guest. Where a refund is transferred to a new booking for the same Guest the amendment fee will be 10% of the amount paid.
c)  In some circumstances, it may be possible to transfer a Booking to another person for the same booked dates. It is solely at the discretion of WHH Ltd whether any booking transfer is acceptable or not. WHH Ltd has the right to reject a booking transfer for any reason. In the event that WHH Ltd does accept a booking transfer, a transfer fee of $60 plus gst will be payable by The Guest.
d)  No refund can be made for cancellation on or after arrival date or if early vacating.


WHH Ltd recommends that The Guests take Cancellation Insurance cover. (Google "Domestic Travel Insurance" if within NZ) By making payment for a booking, The Guest confirms acceptance of and agreement to the above conditions and terms. WHH Ltd reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions without notice.


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