Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: What are the check in and check out times?
  • A: Standard check in time is 3pm, and checkout is 10am.
  • Q: Can I check in early or check out late?
  • A: Early check ins or late check outs can sometimes be catered to, though we will generally not be able to confirm this until a few days before arrival as it will depend on the availability of the home, as well as the cleaning schedule. Where possible and when available, we will always do our best to cater to these requests.


  • Q: Do I have to pay in advance?
  • A: Yes. We run on a live availability system, and payment of your initial deposit is what will secure your booking.
  • Q: What are the payment dues dates?
  • A: A deposit payment of 50% is generally required at the time of booking, and the remaining balance is due 6 weeks before your arrival date. In some circumstances we may be able to split these into smaller, more frequent payments - please enquire with our team.
  • Q: How can I pay for my booking?
  • A: You can pay by direct transfer with Online Banking (NZ Bank accounts only), by credit card, or by international bank transfer for our overseas guests. When paying by credit card there is a surcharge that is applied by the payment provider. When paying by International bank transfer, there will be bank fees at both ends (usually between $15-$30) that will also need to be paid.


  • Q: Why do I have to pay a security deposit?
  • A: Security deposits are an amount charged on all bookings, and held in our Rental Trust Account for the duration of your booking. This is charged as security for the owners in the event that there is any damage caused or any additional cleaning needed after your stay.
  • Q: Can I just put a hold on mu credit card?
  • A: Acquiring the payments directly rather than putting a 'hold' on the funds allows control over when Security Deposits are refunded, and allows us to return your money in a more timely manner. This way it is not going through a bank, and therefore does not have the same requirements or processing times as the bank - some 'holds' can take up to 2 weeks to be released depending on each bank's processing time. Experience has shown us that this is the most convenient way for us to manage the security deposits for our guests.
  • Q: When will my security deposit be refunded?
  • A: Security Deposits are refunded within 5 working days of your departure, once the home has been checked over by the property manager. We will always contact you directly and as soon as we are made aware, if there are ever any issues at the home.
  • Q: I want to pay my security deposit by credit card. Will the surcharge also be refunded?
  • A: Yes. When you have paid by credit card, the surcharge fees are also refunded along with your security deposit.


  • Q: What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
  • A: Full Booking Terms and Conditions, including the cancellation policy can be found on our website -
  • Q: Can I add additional guests to my booking after paying a deposit?
  • A: Yes absolutely! So long as the total number of guests does not exceed the houses’ capability as stated on the property page. Just let our staff know and we can add this for you. Please be aware that if the change is very last minute or requires the property manager to return to the house (eg. to drop off extra linen), there will be an additional call out fee.
  • Q: Can I change my booking dates after paying a deposit?
  • A: Yes. If you are simply shifting your booking by a day or so, then no worries! If you are looking at making a major change for any reason, the amount of notice we are given will make a difference. Full Booking Terms and Conditions, including the amendment policy can be found on our website -


  • Q: Is exit cleaning provided?
  • A: Standard Exit Cleaning is provided (non-optional) at every holiday home. This is to ensure that the standard of cleaning at the home is maintained, particularly during covid times. The cost for this service is shown on the home's webpage and is also included in the cost quoted.
  • Q: What does standard cleaning include & exclude?
  • A: Included: Basic surface cleaning of the home such as vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, wiping down of kitchen benchtops, sinks and stovetops.
  • Excluded: Removing your rubbish and/or recycling, cleaning the BBQ, dishes including emptying dishwashers, returning furniture to the correct place. Excessive cleaning, including (but not limited to) the items mentioned here as excluded are things like interior oven cleaning, excessive mess, collecting cigarette butts, bottle tops or lolly wrappings from grounds etc. If excessive cleaning is required the cost will be at the expense of the guest and so you are asked to take care of the excluded things before you leave.
  • Q: What do we do with our rubbish?
  • A: Each home will have either a council rubbish bin or rubbish bag available to you - please ensure that these are put out on the appropriate day for collection of this happens to be during your stay. Any additional rubbish above and beyond this will need to be removed by the guest, or an additional fee would be charged.
  • Q: Can we do our own cleaning instead of paying for it?
  • A: While we are sure you would do a fabulous job, the nature ​of ​holiday homes and expectations ​of holiday home owners & guests mean that a professional exit clean is ​necessary after ​every ​booking to ensure the standard of ​cleaning & maintenance at ​the home is maintained​. ​This is especially important during Covid times.
  • Q: Whay are the cleaning and linen costs so high?
  • A: Amazing as it sounds, the ​cost charged to you does not actually cover the cost o​f ​the ​cleaning ​provided ​and the owner ​subsidises the costs. Cleaning and management of a holiday home is much more involved and very ​different to ​a normal residential house clean. Add to this the general ​higher ​costs ​of living ​on Waiheke​ and we hope you can understand that the costs are not excessive.


  • Q: Is linen provided at my holiday home?
  • A: Some homes include linen as a non-optional extra cost. Some homes include linen at no additional cost. Some homes linen provision is optional and you can choose to either have it provided or to bring all of your own linen along. Please check the webpage for the specific holiday property which will advise regarding linen at that home or contact our Customer Service Team. When you obtain a quote from the website; and on your booking confirmation, linen costs will be shown separately.
  • Q: What linen is included?
  • A: If linen is provided at your holiday home, it will include top and bottom bed sheets and pillowcases for your selected beds, 1 bath towel per person, hand towels, face cloths, 1 bath mat per bathroom and kitchen tea towels. Please check your booking confirmation which will advise if linen is, or is not, included.
  • Q: Do we need to provide our own beach towels or are they provided with the linen?
  • A: Please bring your own beach towels. Some homes may provide beach or pool towels and if so, it will be specifically mentioned on the webpage for the home. Or feel free to check with our customer service team.
  • Q: Our holiday home has linen automatically included - can we bring our own instead?
  • A: Some homes allow guests to bring their own linen, while others provide linen automatically - this will be specified on each individual property page. When linen is automatically provided (non-optional), unfortunately we are not able to change this arrangement as the provision of professionally laundered linen is a requirement of the property owner.
  • Q: Why does the linen cost so much?
  • A: Amazing as it sounds, the amount charged to you does not actually cover the full cost of linen and the holiday homeowner covers the difference. Linen is hired from an independent company in Auckland. It is ferried to Waiheke and returned to Auckland to be professionally laundered because Waiheke simply does not have the facilities (or the water!) to operate professional laundry facilities. The cost for linen also covers calculating requirements, ordering, delivery costs, sorting specific linen for each separate booking, collection from the central point on the Island, making the beds and after you have vacated, unmaking beds, packing up the used linen and returning it to the central Waiheke collection point.


  • Q: Who do I contact if I need help while staying at the home?
  • A: For help during your stay you will need to contact your property manager. Their number can be found on your arrival email, and on they etxt sent to you before your arrival. Sometimes, your property manager will be the owner of the holiday home. Sometimes, your property manager will be a person employed by the home owner to manage their holiday home for them. Please be aware that Waiheke Holiday Homes Ltd is your booking service but is not your property manager.
  • Q: What happens if I acidentally damage something while I'm at the home?
  • A: Please let your property manager know right away so they are aware, and so that they may look to rectify anything that needs to be fixed asap. We of course understand the occasional mishap - such as a broken wineglass! Though a heads up is always appreciated. Depending on the damage and the circumstances, you may be required to pay for replacement or repair. Your property manager is the best person to talk to and our Customer Service Team will always be happy to offer advice if asked.
  • Q: Where can I rent a Portacot?
  • A: is a fantastic place to hire gear for any baby needs you may have, including portacots, high chairs, car seats and strollers.
  • Q: Are there buses on the island?
  • A: Yes, Waiheke has a really good bus service as far as Onetangi, and buses depart from each Fullers ferry sailing. There are no buses to the eastern end of the Island, e.g. Orapiu or Man ‘o War Bay. Buses are operated by Auckland Transport and timetables and fares can be found on their website.
  • Q: Is there we can store our luggage for the day before we check in to our holiday home?
  • A: Unfortunately there are no set places where you are able to leave luggage for a time. In some cases you may be able to drop your bags at your booked home before returning to check in, it will be at the discretion of the property manager as to whether or not this is possible on any given day.
  • Q: Taxi recommendations and/or car hire recommendations:
  • A: Check our website here -
  • Q: Is the Uber on Waiheke?:
  • A: Unfortunately we do not have Uber on Waiheke - yet! But there are talks in the works.