Dog Friendly Waiheke Island - Things to do with dogs on Waiheke Island

Small black dog sitting on grass with sand of Palm Beach, waiheke Island behind

Pets can come too to Waiheke Island. Yes, Dogs and Pets are welcome at many Waiheke Island Holiday Homes so you can bring your four legged companion along too. There are lots of Dog Friendly activities on Waiheke Island as well as an abundance of Waiheke Cafes and Restaurants where dogs are permitted plus a range of wonderful Waiheke Wineries & Vineyards which welcome dogs in their outdoor areas as well. There are numerous Waiheke Walks and Trails where dogs are allowed, and for 9 months of the year dogs are permitted on almost all Waiheke Island beaches off leash and under control - and there are plenty of Waiheke Island Beaches, Reserves and Parks where your pooch can run free and enjoy his or her doggie holiday too.

Best Dog Friendly Accommodation & Pet Friendly places to stay Waiheke Island

Here are the 20 Best Pet Friendly Holiday Homes on Waiheke Island. It should be easy to travel with your dog and at Waiheke Holiday Homes, we make it even easier. We have a great selection of wonderful Pet Friendly Waiheke Holiday Homes for you to choose from and to suit all budgets and tastes, making it easy for you to find the perfect Dog Friendly Waiheke Island accommodation for your Waiheke Island holiday with your favourite four-legged family member or furbaby.

If you would like some help to choose the best Dog Friendly Accommodation on Waiheke Island, please feel free to contact us at Waiheke Holiday Homes for personal advice. All of our staff live on Waiheke Island and we know the Island well. We all have gorgeous dogs and can give you advice not only about Where to Stay with pets on Waiheke Island, but also about places to go with dogs on Waiheke and lots of other pet friendly Waiheke information.

Click here to view pet friendly holiday homes on Waiheke which allow dogs and pets. To find dog friendly accommodation on Waiheke for specific dates or with other criteria, simply scroll to the top of the page and enter 'dog' or 'pets ok' in the keyword search, along with your preferred dates to see dog friendly holiday homes that are available for your dates and suit your other criteria as well.

A Dog just Chillin' & enjoying the view above Owhanake Bay, Waiheke Island

People are often looking for Pet Friendly Motels and Dog Friendly Hotels at Waiheke Island. Why not choose to stay at one of our fabulous Dog Friendly Waiheke Holiday Homes instead, where you will have space to move and usually your own garden for your pet.

Dog Friendly Walks on Waiheke Island

Walking the dog on Waiheke Island or wondering where to wander on Waiheke with your dog? There are lots of fun Dog Friendly walks to do with your pooch on Waiheke. There are many dog friendly Waiheke Walking  Beach & Trails and the Te Ara Hura Walk allows dogs on many of it's Waiheke walking tracks. Be sure to check the Te Ara Hura map first to be sure your four-legged friend is permitted on specific parts of the walk. In some areas  parts of the track are open to dogs but other parts of the same track are closed.

The Headland Sculpture on the Gulf Walk is a really beautiful and easily accessed walk and your dog is welcome on the trail, under control. The track runs around the Matiatia Bay headland and can be joined either from the end of the beach at Matiatia Bay where the Fullers passenger ferry arrives, or from along Nick Johnstone Drive, Oneroa. The Sculpture on the Gulf features along this track every 2 years and is well worth a visit.Wet and sandy fluffy spoodle dog standing beside a very large hole he has just dug on the beach

There are also some great Waiheke walking tracks around the many of the bays and beaches of Waiheke. A pleasant walk takes you from the beach at Sandy Bay, via Hekerua Bay and along the cliff path to Oneroa Beach and Oneroa Village centre where there are plenty of dog friendly cafes and restaurants.

Rocky Bay Omiha is another area where there are plenty of great walking tracks for you and your dog to enjoy. The Rocky Bay/Te Whau tracks are also excellent for taking your dog walking on Waiheke.  Be aware that parts of Whakanewha Regional Park and it's walking trails don't permit dogs, often due to New Zealand protected birds nesting.

Te Toki Reserve on Wilma Road at Palm Beach offers a lovely huge paddock area, with some enormous 600 year old pohutukawa trees, where pups and doggos can run free and with wide mowed paths for humans. Te Toki Dog Reserve is open for dog walking on Waiheke at all times of the year and is especially good when Fido needs a walk during the hours where dogs are not permited on the beach during summer.

Dog Friendly Beaches on Waiheke Island

Yes you can take your dog to the beach at Waiheke! Almost all of our beaches are dog friendly for most of the year, and dog friendly before 10am and after 5pm between 1 December and 1 March each year.  As a general rule, except for some specific beaches where protected birds breed, between 2 March until 30 November every year, dogs are permitted on Waiheke beaches off leash at all times. 

Some beaches are open all year round to dogs. Owhanake Bay at the end of Korora Road, Oneroa has a lovely huge grassy reserve where there's plenty of room for your do to run free and chase balls and smell smells.  The beach is really delicious at high tides and perfect for a doggy swim and, even at low tide, just walk out a short way, or wander around to the northern corner of the bay where it's simply delicious for a swim even at low tide!  Owhanake Bay on Waiheke is a great place where your dog can play and run and throw balls to your hearts content at any time of the day.  Why not take a picnic and enjoy a day of doggie freedom - there is even a picnic table provided with some of the best views on Waiheke Island!  This lovely bay is very peaceful and is sheltered from all but North Westerly winds, so is a great option for an all year pet friendly beach on Waiheke.

The far end of Surfdale Beach, accessed from a set of steps down from the end of the gravel extension of Alison Road, Surfdale is another dog friendly beach all year. It's fun for a run and to chase a ball or a stick when the tide is out and there are miles of lovely sand banks and tidal puddles to play in and on and it's really wonderful for a swim with dogs when the tide is in!

The Eastern End of Waiheke has a couple of great dog friendly beaches that are open all year round. A great day out with your dog is to Drive The Loop to Man 'O War Bay where you can enjoy a picnic on the beach with your four-legged family person running free. Man o' War Bay Beach and Orapiu Beach both currently permit dogs and are lovely places for a pleasant drive and either a picnic by the beach, a fish off the Orapiu Wharf or lunch at two different Dog friendly wineries, Man O'War Bay Winery and Passage Rock Winery.

But seriously, don't take our word for it!!! For current information on dog access on Waiheke Island beaches, check with the Auckland Council Dogs on Beaches information.  Or click here for a list of parks, reserves and beaches on Waiheke Island  where dogs are permitted, as well as details regarding hours and leash requirements. (go to Page 56 for Waiheke Island Dog Policy)

Looking for where to take your dog to lunch at Waiheke Island Wineries?

There are plenty of Wineries on Waiheke Island! You will be spoilt for choice and many Waiheke Island wineries are dog friendly in their outdoor areas. Be sure to call and book a table outside and mention that you wish to take your dog to lunch. The list of Waiheke vineyards and wineries is long and they are scattered all around Waiheke.Man o War Bay Winery Waiheke Island wine glasses lined up in a row on a picnic table beside the bay

At the residential western end of Waiheke we have lots of choices of Wineries and Restaurants where dogs are welcome in the outdoor areas.

You will find world famous Waiheke Vineyards and Wineries close to Oneroa which welcome dogs. It's a really enjoyable walk from Oneroa to Mud Brick Winery for brunch, lunch, a coffee, a wine tasting or a magnificent dinner. This beautiful Waiheke winery has a special ambiance and lovely outdoor areas to relax with your well behaved dog and enjoy the view.Cable Bay Winery and Restaurant in Oneora has excellent food and wines, magnificent views and plenty of lovely lawns to relax on with your pooch. Dogs are welcome here outside and on leash and the restaruant is happy to provide water for your dog.

In the Onetangi Straight area you will find world renowned Tantalus Winery and Restaurant where the food is simply divine! Your well behaved pooch is welcome in the outdoor areas and it's recommended to phone and book an outdoor table in advnace and let them know you will be bringing your dog. Stonyridge Vineyard and Winery which is famous for it's fabulous reds will also welcome your furbaby in the outdoor areas on a leash (there are 2 winery cats!).

Close to Oneroa you will find Goldwater Estate at Surfdale. Goldie Estate as it is now known is Waiheke Islands oldest vineyard. Gifted by the original founders, the Goldwater family, to the University of Auckland, the vineyard provides a unique learning experience for their students to study, live and work in a boutique winery. Do check first for opening hours and to be sure your pooch is welcome.

Drive The Loop to the beautiful, tranquil and peaceful eastern end of Waiheke Island and enjoy a fabulous lunch and wine tasting at the Man 'o War Bay Winery& just across the lane from the dogs permitted beach and where your fur baby is very welcome, under control, in the beautiful grounds of the Winery restaurant and tasting room. This beautiful, Pet Friendly Waiheke Winery has a wonderful ambiance with lush green parkland across the lane from the beach, with lots of tables in the sunshine or the shade and plenty of room for the kids to play. Man o' War Winery Waiheke Island is a favourite!

Passage Rock Winery and Vineyard is also located on the Loop Road at the beautiful, peaceful Eastern End of Waiheke, about a 15 minute easy drive through beautiful scenery from Onetangi Beach and well behaved canines as well as well behaved children are most welcome here.

Dog Friendly Cafes and Restaurants on Waiheke IslandMan o War Bay Winery with picnic tables on the grass beside the beach and sea.

Whether you're looking for a quick snack on the go, a takeaway to enjoy down by the beach, or a lovely long lunch with a magical Waiheke Island view, there are many options available for excellent dog friendly cafes & restaurants on Waiheke Island.

In Oneroa, a favourite is the Sol Cafe and Bar located on the corner of Ocean View Road and Waikare Road under the massive eucalyptus tree. It has a great ambiance with a large open courtyard where your dog is welcome on leash. Water bowls are provided. There are also many other Oneroa Village cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating - just wander around the shops and you'll find them.

In Palm Beach, just across the lane from the beach, is Arcadia Cafe, Restaurant and Bar. Another favourite, this lovely Palm Beach cafe is pet friendly and has a wonderful ambiance and great service and food with plenty of outdoor seating.

Head along to Onetangi Beach and there are 3 wonderful cafe restaurants on the beachfront, all with great outdoor options. A favourite is Three Seven Two Restaurant and Bar where the food is devine and the service exceptional... and the view over Onetangi Beach and the bay from the spacious outdoor area is just magnificent. Charlie Farleys Waiheke restaurant and bar is just next door and also has a huge outdoor deck area overlooking the beautiful white sands of Onetangi Beach.

Dog Friendly Activities on Waiheke Island

Dog paddle boarding with a human at Palm Beach Waiheke IslandHave you tried SUP paddle boarding with your dog on Waiheke Island? An amazing new experience for your four legged friend! Or what about a wonderful Ross kayaking adventure?  You may be surprised at how well balanced your pooch is and how  he or she will enjoy some time paddling about on the water with you. smiley

And of course, as we have mentioned above, there are so many activities and things to do with dogs on Waiheke Island.  Waiheke beaches are wide and sandy and are rarely crowded except on the most peak of public holidays so there's plenty of room for your dog to enjoy just being a dog. He can dig lovely big holes and chase balls or sticks and swim and dance in the waves and surf. What a lucky pup! And the many Walking Trails on Waiheke Island where dogs are permitted really do make Waiheke the perfect place to holiday with your pet. 

Where to buy pet food supplies on Waiheke - Dog food delivered free on Waiheke

Cute dog chasing a ball on a white sand beach with the sea in the backgroundPet Connect Waiheke, located opposite the Countdown Supermarket in Ostend, Waiheke Island offer an excellent, efficient and friendly service with a great range of food options available for your four legged friend. Order online and your order will be delivered to your holiday home free of charge.

Waiheke Island Vets - Veterinary Services on Waiheke Island

We certainly hope you won't need a vet on Waiheke while you're enoying your holiday on Waiheke Island, but just in case... Vets on Waiheke offer an excellent service and are there for you and your furbaby!  Waiheke Vets phone number is 09-3728387

Doggy Day Care on Waiheke Island

Heading out for a day of activities on Waiheke Island and need your fur child pooch taken care of while you enjoy all the fabulous things to do on Waiheke? The team at The Dog Depot Waiheke are the way to go. The Dog Depot on Waiheke Island is a professional day-care service for your beloved dog.  Dog day care at The Dog Depot on Waiheke is a safe place for your dog to socialise, play, learn and generally have a cool time while you are away enjoying the many fun things to do on Waiheke Island during the day! Maybe you would like to use the services of Dog Day Care while you visit the Vineyards and Wineries of Waiheke Island. The Dog Depot on Waiheke Island offer services for special occasions as well.  Check out their website here